Ramila can be found Teaching at various locations in London during the week.

All Classes are currently online for the present time of Covid-19.

Traditional Hatha Yoga at 7pm to 8pm on Monday. 

Book direct with studio.


Hatha Yoga at 10am to 11.30am on Saturday.

Book direct with studio.



Community Yoga at 8.30am to 9.30am on Sundays in aid of India fund raising. 

In gratitude🙏 to India for giving us giftAnimated GIF of Yoga and spiritual wisdom I'm thinking of small gesture to help current situation. I would love you to join me in the spirit of love for India, privilege to be part of the heritage or the connection we share with each other to help in a little way we can.
For next four weeks I will be conducting yoga sessions to raise fund for donating to help situation in India. Contribution is on volunteer basis but I would appreciate if situation permits £20 be donated towards four sessions. But don't let that stop you from joining the sessions as your presence alone will be sufficient to send the healing vibration to the people of India.

Email info@ramilapatelyoga.com if you are interested to be part of this gesture.

Meditation at 6pm to 7pm on Sundays. 

Email info@ramilapatelyoga.com if you are interested to join the session. Online sessions are £5 per session.

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