Coming in 2021 subject to current situation: 

8 Days Hatha & Yin Mindfulness Retreat, Portugal - September 2021

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The Oxford English dictionary meaning of  “retreat” is to Withdraw, draw back, pull back, escape, head for the hills(:-

Why Retreat?

So why do we need to retreat from time to time?

Whether it’s trekking mountains for weeks, immersing myself in two-week long yoga retreat or working on stilling my mind in meditation retreats I have found most important person in my life.

These are the times which have allowed me to slow down and reflect on my life.

As I move inward, I keep on finding inner treasures safely tucked away deep down within myself. Every dip enriches my life. During this time an internal landscape of my mind clears, expands and clouds around my inner light expel allowing my internal flame to shine brightly enriching my teaching, my relationships, my yoga, my life. This is the kind of necessary luxuries I allow myself couple of times in a year. This is an experience I like to share.

So, I invite you to join me to experience that magical inward journey in a supportive environment of harmony and nature, that allows you to journey through the layers of your mind, body and breath directly speaking to your Self.

You will be fed the very best, organic, live, home cooked food, so that your body feels light, free and clear, enhancing you on your path to clarity and self-knowledge while having fun.

June 2018 - Casa Sangram Gubbio Yoga Retreat

yoga retreat to revive italy 2018

yoga retreat to revive italy 2018

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