Why Is It Important To Select The Right Yoga Style?

You are unique! Each one of us having a unique body, mind, lifestyles and our entire blueprint is unique to us.

This means our needs vary from one person to other; also from time to time as our life changes with passing of time.

Sometimes what we may be looking for may differ from what’s being offered to us. When we go to supermarket we know what we need and some of us meticulously organised have a list even before they know what’s on the supermarket shelves. Of thousands of items being sold in the supermarket we only need few on regular basis. Similarly, any choices we make in our lives same principle applies. Awareness of our needs is key to finding suitable option.

Popularity of yoga practice in last decade or two has resulted in variety of yoga styles being offered. From original Hatha Yoga many variations and hybrids of yoga have found their way into studios and gyms around the world. As a beginners or even seasoned practitioner, how do you know if the option you’ve chosen is best for you?  Which yoga style is best suited to you which makes you feel great, calms your mind and nurtures your soul? Does your yoga teacher create a safe environment for you to practice where you feel at ease? Most people who start yoga practice having no background find it very confusing to identify which yoga style is suitable for them or which teacher can help them.

Benefits of yoga practice

We have a complicated relationship with our body. Sometimes we want it to be recharged instantly, dripping in sweat, and other times, we just want to help it wind down.

The popularity of yoga is somehow directly related to the benefits it brings to the practitioners. Yoga have been credited with recovery from physical injuries, reduce stress and enhance calmness in mind. There are variety of reasons people want to start practising yoga. What is your reason?  National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines instruct doctors to consider recommending various aerobic and biomechanical exercises and yoga for back pain. Lots of research are being conducted to recognise the benefits of yoga.

So, what are your reasons, how do you find suitable place and most importantly how do you find suitable teacher?

Step 1: WHY

Take a moment and consider your reasons for wanting to practice yoga. Is it physical workout you are after, or are you attracted to yoga for relaxation or you may be searching for deeper experience or relief from back pain? For example Mums may be looking for variety of reasons within certain criteria around their time and ability.

5 Types of Yoga to Try for Moms

Step 2: WHERE

Reflect on your personal needs and preferences. Are you one of those people who likes to be taught individually or are you motivated by a community spirit? Do you like to be pushed or do you need a more compassionate approach? Then evaluate your physical, financial and commitment. How do you find right yoga teacher who resonates with you?


Once you establish your why you want to practice and where you want to practice either in one-to-one from an expert yoga teacher or in gym with other people you might want to start trying some of the styles from the chart below. Sometimes more than once style can become basis of your practice. In your trial your intuition will guide to endorse which style and which teacher is suitable for you. The way your body feels during and after session, your shifts in mind throughout session will tell you if you have found your ideal practice platform. The barometer of a good fit: you can’t wait for next session.

If you are having trouble deciding, the chart from YogaTrail.com should help.



Yoga Solutions:

  • Yoga for beginners
  • Yoga for Strength
  • Yoga for keeping fit and flexible
  • Yoga for Seniors
  • Yoga for Pregnant mothers
  • Yoga for people recovering from injuries
  • Yoga for reducing Stress and enhancing productivity
  • Yoga for people with limited time
  • Yoga for professionals
  • Yoga for fun and bonding


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