Some testimonials of Ramila's yoga classes

I have received lot of feedback from my various yoga class attendees letting me know how much they have enjoyed my style of yoga teaching. Here are few testimonials and kind words from my students. If you like to share your experiences feel free to email me.


Ramila is an excellent Yoga teacher. Her knowledge is extensive, and her classes are a truly spiritual experience. She is versed in a variety of forms of Yogasana, Pranayama, and Raja Yoga practices, and it is a sheer delight to be a part of one of her classes. Thank you very much Ramila. On Shanti.

- Tony Ian White- Hypnotherapist, BA(Hons) Councilling, Dip.He, Cert.HE, PDHyp, PCHyp, MPNLP, PNLP, GQHP, CNHC


Excellent Yoga Teacher. She goes the extra mile to make sure you get the techniques & postures correct. Highly Recommended!!!!

- Sudheera Thane, Senior Nurse and Trainer


Really enjoyed today's yoga class with Ramila, feel great and ready for the week ahead. Would definitely recommend the classes to friends and family. Ramila caters for beginners and those that want to challenge themselves further. Thank you Ramila, looking forward to attending more classes.

- Baljit Kaur


Ramila is a wonderful yoga teacher. I am always learning something new in her class and each yoga experience is unique. I find the yoga classes very beneficial for my health and it is worth the time and effort to go to her classes.

- Kirtida Chouhan Gohil


Ramila thank you all of your teachings what I have got in India!

- Sztella Kantor, Yoga Teacher


I love Ramila's yoga sessions. Afterwards my body feels gently stretched and supple also my spirit feels nurtured because of her calm reassuring energy.

- Elaine Carter, Cranio-sacral Therapist & Midwife


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