Why Is It Important To Select The Right Yoga Style?

By Ramila Patel | July 30, 2017

You are unique! Each one of us having a unique body, mind, lifestyles and our entire blueprint is unique to us. This means our needs vary from one person to other; also from time to time as our life changes with passing of time. Sometimes what we may be looking for may differ from what’s…

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I Quit

By Ramila Patel | April 9, 2014

How to change career? After years of agonizing over what direction I wanted to take in life I have now finally broken tiles with norm to allow myself opportunities to dip into a world of unknown. As much as I’m excited and feel the sense of freedom I must admit that I’m little anxious about…

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All Change!

By Ramila Patel | April 8, 2014

Why change ? After having a successful career in payroll management leaving a job to peruse the dream required lots of courage. Like most people I had buried the dream within me. I finally pluck up courage to leave the regular job and the security it comes with to peruse yoga and wellbeing as my…

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