About me: Ramila Patel seating crossed legged with hands in prayer position on a yoga mat All our life we the humans are searching for solution to something. In our quest to search for the solution to deal with simple things in life, we have to go through the journey of discovery. Consequently this often  brings enriching experiences in our life. Here you can discover about me and my yoga journey as it all began with severe pain in the neck. A gift from working in a corporate environment!  Furthermore I continued to live with it for a long time as I didn’t have time to seek medical advice!

About me & my yoga journey

So, it was for that reason I restarted yoga practice recommended by the Head of Physio therapy. As a result a start of my weekly Saturday morning yoga ritual back in 1998. Yoga practice gave me more than physical well being.  Another benefit was that it gave me mental serenity and joy.  In addition it was working at a deeper level of my consciousness and things started shifting. Through the light bestowed on me, I later discovered that this is the inherent way of human existence. A state of bliss I often visit! Regular meditation has taught me a valuable skill to live a balanced life. It brought me awareness of having different situations in our lives some of which would be totally out of our control. Also a deep sense that we all deal with it in our mind and how we can react to the situations regardless of whether it's favourable or unfavourable. Favorable and unfavourable situation is part of living but dealing with it gracefully is the real art of living.

Sharing my yoga knowledge

Practicing yoga regularly has shifted my life journey in being able to find that art of living in a grace and harmony.  I like to share this with you through my yoga sessions, workshops, trainings and retreats. What I share is transformative which works at deeper level of consciousness besides being creative with personal approach to physical well being.  It takes care of every aspect of human existence catering for all abilities of practitioner. I combine the intelligence of sequencing and the flow of breath to the movement. This frees the flow of energy in the body where there is challenge without stress, serenity without dullness which creates blissful state. I invite you to experience that bliss with me either through my yoga sessions, retreats or training. Stay blessed.

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